Giant dark yellow special smashed


The structure has a  wooden base and a top piece. It is wrapped with chicken wire 1´´ and covered with several layers of natural / industrial pigmented polymer.

In the center there are 5 light points to divide the proper light play for the structure

The base has a 5 kg weight for stability

By using natural pigment powder and mixing it up at the minute with the polymer, the coloration outcome is unpredictable, alive and unique for every lamp. The number of layers also define the final ambient created by each lamp because the lighting comes through brighter or darker depending on the density of the colored polymer layers.



  • Chicken wire 1´´
  • Wooden base and top piece
  • natural and industrial pigment
  • polymeer layers 

Electric parts 

  • black color
  • 2 m length 
  • Dimmer  in the middle
  • european plug 
  • 5 x socket


 Ø 30 cm x H 180cm 

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